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HUMPDAY HAPPINESS // Wellness Wednesday
Hey Blushers ! Now I admit I talk a lot about food and regarding physical wellness we've all heard the phrase 30% exercise, 70% diet. Anyone who knows me knows I'm hot-on-it in the kitchen dept ! Food is not just fuel to me, it's a passion. Sourcing quality ingredients, creating new recipes, they don't call me Foody-Phe for nothing ! The saying is a little misleading though. It depends what your fitness goals are. If you're wanting to train for a marathon, changing your diet won't build your endurance. Exercise, specifically running will. Eating more protein won&..
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Happy Hump Day Blushers ! How's life ? Working hard ? Keeping smiling ? I hope so. I woke this morning to the oh so familiar sound of rhythmic rain. I did my usual silent-inner-groan ! I've mentioned it before but I'm a blue-sky girl, living in one of the most beautiful but WETTEST places on earth ! So I had to dig deep and have a stern word with myself ! Every morning you have a choice. Choose to be happy or drag your sorry self round making everyone else around you miserable while you're at it ! So I half-heartedly put on my running gear. I was working on the theory th..
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Forever in search of Wednesday Wellness and Humpday Happiness, last week I sang the praises of Mindfulness. This week, as I sit here listening to the apocalyptic hammering rain outside, I am unequivocally recommending you try Escapism and Cacao ! Anyone in dire need of a positivity boost read on !  Don't get me wrong, I've had a truly fantastic Bank Holiday Weekend. With friends over to stay, my first night out in 3 Months (!) I danced myself dizzy, totally over imbibed on the Prosecco and ate my own body weight of delicious unpasteurized cheese ! Memorable ! It's good ..
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It's The Little Things
Now and again we all have a self esteem dip or bout of self doubt, HEY, THAT'S OK! But when we do, isn't great to read something inspirational or do something meaningful to awaken that energetic and creative being know you're capable of portraying?    Try these 5 easy steps to get some self loving back on track:    Reward Good Behaviour. You had a fantastic workout, a productive day at work, you walked the dog in a thunder storm, pat yourself on the back. Don't wait around being modest waiting for behaviour perfection, take the positiv..
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