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HUMPDAY HAPPINESS // No Bake Granola Bars
Hi Blushers !   Having had a wonderful half-term break with my family, I extended it into another week and although it was a little remiss of me, I'm back now and on full enthusiastic chirp ! Sometimes we all need a little time out. How are you ? Finding that often elusive balance between working hard and playing hard I hope. Although I've had a little break from blogging, there's been no such let up in the kitchen. I've been further exploring no bake / raw treat recipes. I've got a really easy and super tasty recipe for you to try. Date, Orange and Cashew G..
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HUMPDAY HAPPINESS // Wellness Wednesday
Hey Blushers ! Now I admit I talk a lot about food and regarding physical wellness we've all heard the phrase 30% exercise, 70% diet. Anyone who knows me knows I'm hot-on-it in the kitchen dept ! Food is not just fuel to me, it's a passion. Sourcing quality ingredients, creating new recipes, they don't call me Foody-Phe for nothing ! The saying is a little misleading though. It depends what your fitness goals are. If you're wanting to train for a marathon, changing your diet won't build your endurance. Exercise, specifically running will. Eating more protein won&..
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Happy Hump Day Blushers ! How's life ? Working hard ? Keeping smiling ? I hope so. I woke this morning to the oh so familiar sound of rhythmic rain. I did my usual silent-inner-groan ! I've mentioned it before but I'm a blue-sky girl, living in one of the most beautiful but WETTEST places on earth ! So I had to dig deep and have a stern word with myself ! Every morning you have a choice. Choose to be happy or drag your sorry self round making everyone else around you miserable while you're at it ! So I half-heartedly put on my running gear. I was working on the theory th..
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Forever in search of Wednesday Wellness and Humpday Happiness, last week I sang the praises of Mindfulness. This week, as I sit here listening to the apocalyptic hammering rain outside, I am unequivocally recommending you try Escapism and Cacao ! Anyone in dire need of a positivity boost read on !  Don't get me wrong, I've had a truly fantastic Bank Holiday Weekend. With friends over to stay, my first night out in 3 Months (!) I danced myself dizzy, totally over imbibed on the Prosecco and ate my own body weight of delicious unpasteurized cheese ! Memorable ! It's good ..
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