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THE FASHION EDIT // Awards Season
Talent, glamour, controversy, couture, what’s not to love about prestige and expectation of awards season? So, here for you, is a beautifully visual round up of anything you might have missed from The Oscars and The Brits. Let’s start with the dresses. Obvs. ..
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Hello! Just a quick bit of information about myself so that whoever is reading doesn’t think I’m just some random girl talking about random things. I’m Rachel, blogger and new to the Bella’s Blush team.  I’m 20 years old,  and in 3rd year of my Fashion Marketing and Branding course at Nottingham Trent University. Currently trying to juggle the pain of writing a uni dissertation, a part time job in retail and continually panicking over what I am going to do with myself when May finally comes and I have to grow up and find a real job (cry). ..
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Bored Of Your Job?
Here at Bella's Blush we like to inspire and motivate, so if you're a twenty something woman in need of a huge career boost or would like an insight into something new , we have know just the girls to help you out.    When we were starting out we stumbled across a website called Professionelle's. This was set up by two graduates who recognised many people these days struggle to get jobs after Uni and with all the news headlines being pretty doom and gloom about prospects for graduates, a heap of enthusiamsm and go-getter attitude was needed. The Profession..
Introducing Alexis Smith
There's no better time of year than to fall in love with a new brand than at the start of a brand new year.  So here you have a little insight into one of our most loved, most shopped and most unique brands at Bella's Blush.  When we came across this gem of a brand we immediately fell in love. Swiftly arranging a meeting with Alexis herself allowed us to get our mits on these beautiful bras and meet the brains behind the brand.  The small back, large cup sizing mirrors exactly what our mission statement is: Providing busty girls with petite frames, with linge..