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How's your week going? I'm still head down, working hard and saving, for my dream trip of returning to Italy. This week my obsession with all things Italian has seeped into my culinary consciousness big time! I've even made homemade Wild Garlic Pesto! I'm currently working my way through the inspiring dedicated Italian current issue of Jamie (Oliver's) magazine. I've slightly put my own spin on his Panzanella Salad which I urge you to try. Panzanella originates from Tuscany. It is essentially a peasant dish and great for using up stale bread and making it tasty. Quic..
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HUMPDAY HAPPINESS // The Mummy Work Juggle
And  B R E A T H E !!    The first half of my Easter break has been a whirlwind of CakeBaking and Icing Sugar Chaos ! I just about managed to juggle baking every evening and every morning with my part time housekeeping job and my family commitments. Getting a new puppy 3 days ago added a further challenge ! Despite the odds, I have had a super successful week of sales on my cake stall. Hurray ! The sweet taste of triumph always outweighs the blood, sweat n tears of the journey ! Last night after packing up the stall I escaped with my daughter to our local Spa Hotel. W..
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What a week ! Again ! Busy busy !     Here in the Lake District (the clue's in the name !) We've had a WILD week ! Rain, rain, rain then more rain, hail, sleet, snow and 3 little pigs-style blow-your-house-down wild winds ! I'm a blue-sky kinda girl so it's been a challenge to keep motivated and chirpy at times ! Today, another rainy one, is the first day of my Local Easter Market Cake Stall. The purpose of this, if you've read my previous blog, being my Adventure Fund ! Getting the Cakes and Preserves prepared has been no mean feat, with a big..
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HUMPDAY HAPPINESS // Project Wanderlust
Hi Blushers,     Anyone else out there been bitten by Wanderlust ? I've been saving for 2 years, for what will be our first holiday with our youngest child (he's now 5yrs). This week I took a happiness-dive. I realised that there was no way I could afford the trip. Not this year anyway. So I wallowed in self-pity last weekend, sulking really ! Then on Monday, at work, my boss asked if I would like to increase my hours. I quickly realised this was the perfect opportunity to work harder and re-kindle my holiday goal. I'm also about to bake for a week lon..