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Hey Blushers ! Now I admit I talk a lot about food and regarding physical wellness we've all heard the phrase 30% exercise, 70% diet. Anyone who knows me knows I'm hot-on-it in the kitc.. Read More
Happy Hump Day Blushers ! How's life ? Working hard ? Keeping smiling ? I hope so. I woke this morning to the oh so familiar sound of rhythmic rain. I did my usual silent-inner-groan ! I.. Read More
Forever in search of Wednesday Wellness and Humpday Happiness, last week I sang the praises of Mindfulness. This week, as I sit here listening to the apocalyptic hammering rain outside, I am unequi.. Read More
Now and again we all have a self esteem dip or bout of self doubt, HEY, THAT'S OK! But when we do, isn't great to read something inspirational or do something meaningful to awaken that ener.. Read More
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