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Hi Blushers !   Having had a wonderful half-term break with my family, I extended it into another week and although it was a little remiss of me, I'm back now and on full enthusias.. Read More
Hey Blushers ! Now I admit I talk a lot about food and regarding physical wellness we've all heard the phrase 30% exercise, 70% diet. Anyone who knows me knows I'm hot-on-it in the kitc.. Read More
Happy Hump Day Blushers ! How's life ? Working hard ? Keeping smiling ? I hope so. I woke this morning to the oh so familiar sound of rhythmic rain. I did my usual silent-inner-groan ! I.. Read More
Forever in search of Wednesday Wellness and Humpday Happiness, last week I sang the praises of Mindfulness. This week, as I sit here listening to the apocalyptic hammering rain outside, I am unequi.. Read More
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