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How's your week going? I'm still head down, working hard and saving, for my dream trip of returning to Italy. This week my obsession with all things Italian has seeped into my culinary cons.. Read More
And  B R E A T H E !!    The first half of my Easter break has been a whirlwind of CakeBaking and Icing Sugar Chaos ! I just about managed to juggle baking every evening and .. Read More
What a week ! Again ! Busy busy !     Here in the Lake District (the clue's in the name !) We've had a WILD week ! Rain, rain, rain then more rain, hail, sleet, s.. Read More
Hi Blushers,     Anyone else out there been bitten by Wanderlust ? I've been saving for 2 years, for what will be our first holiday with our youngest child (he's .. Read More
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